Your privacy is of paramount importance to us, and we are committed to preserving and safeguarding it at all time.

At Legoon Pixel, your privacy is paramount, and we adhere to strict principles to ensure its protection. We make it a point never to request personal information that is extraneous to our site's purpose, avoiding inquiries about income, race, or any unrelated details. Rest assured, your personal data is never shared with third parties unless compelled by law or crucial to safeguard our rights. Furthermore, we adopt a streamlined approach, storing only essential personal information necessary for vital operational processes. Our overarching objective is to uphold the highest standards, demonstrating unwavering respect for your privacy while seamlessly operating our site. At Legoon Pixel, your trust is not just valued; it's safeguarded with utmost dedication.

Visitor Information

We prioritize the privacy of our visitors and employ stringent measures to protect their data. We collect non-personally identifiable information, including browser type, language preference, and date/time of visits. This general data, devoid of personal identification, is aggregated into trends or reports for analytical purposes.
For logged-in users and comment contributors, we gather personally identifiable information like IP addresses, disclosed solely to our administrators to ensure the security of our platform.

User Information

When user interaction necessitates personal data, such as signing up for our newsletter or commenting, we request relevant personally identifiable information like name, username, and email address. Legoon Pixel pledges not to disclose personal identification to third parties, respecting users' right to refuse disclosure if they opt out of services requiring such details.

Analytics & Statistics

Our site analyzes user behavior to derive statistics, enhancing content quality and identifying anomalies like spammed posts. While statistics may be shared publicly, they remain devoid of personally identifiable information.

Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information

egoon Pixel only discloses personally identifiable information to employees, affiliates, or contractors who require it for service provision. All individuals with access are bound by confidentiality agreements. Users acknowledge and consent to the potential international location of these personnel.
In compliance with legal obligations, Legoon Pixel may disclose personally identifiable information in response to government requests, subpoenas, or court orders. Such disclosure may also occur in good faith to prevent rights violations, safeguard our site, and serve the public interest.

Communication with Users

Registered users may receive periodic emails, including updates on new content and products. Feedback requests and notifications about site changes may also be communicated. Questions posted on our platform may be published to aid other visitors.


Legoon Pixel utilizes cookies to track and identify users, enhancing site preferences and usage understanding. While users can configure their browsers to reject cookies, this may impact site functionality. Our commitment is to balance personalized user experiences with robust data protection measures.